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I will try to explain, what is going on as well as I can.

1. If you don`t know, where Ukraine is (you may not know, nothing horrible about that), it is the biggest country in Europe with population of 46 million people. We have two seas, mountains, forests and lakes, cold winters and hot summers. We have potential for being one of the most powerful agriculture country in the world. But we are not. Our women are gorgeous, our men are strong. All people speak two languages, most three. Our culture is based on hospitality, respect for work and private achievements, fidelity and hard work.

2. Now we have revolution. Not riots, not a civil war, but a revolution - fight against the corrupted government. For many years our government has been stealing from us, humiliating and disgracing our nation. Average salary in the capital is 300 euros a month, outside the capital - 150 euros a month. But our president has a personal helicopter with special “parkings” build for him instead of parks in the center of the city. Most people live in houses, that has not be renewed since 1970s, sometimes they die, because balconies blow or ceilings fall down. But our president has huge mansion with several pools, private lake, three guest houses and even golden toilet. And that`s only in Ukraine. With our salaries prices for petrol is the same as in Switzerland. But our roads look like surface of the moon. That is why our president has many cars (and helicopter), most of them exclusive models by German and American luxurious companies. Whatever you do, does`t matter, how much you work, you stay poor. I personally was hiring a dance teacher to my school. For his first private, he got 7 euros. He took half of the money to save for his mother, and the other - he went to the cheap cafe, and boasted - for the first time in my life I can eat, what I want!

3. Our system is so corrupted, that you have to bribe a doctor in order for him to examine you. I am not even talking about police and services that certify your business. Each year we have at least twenty people killed on road by drunken policemen, officials, their children and lovers. Among the killed ones just this year there are children of 2 and 4 years old. These drivers never go to jail, as courts are corrupted, too.

4. Most of us (me included) at least once in our life witnessed or were part of gun shooting, policemen or bandits involving. All of us at least once in a life were threatened by police, when we asked for their help - in car accidents, when robbed or beaten up. So enough is enough! My people are tried to work for a “family” - group of bandits, who are robbing us and our country. That is what is going on. This fight is not political. It`s not for a party or a leader. It`s for the nation. We don`t want to European Union, we don`t want to fight Russia, we just want normal simple life. All we want from Europe and US is to block the bank accounts of our government`s official. These accounts hold billions of dollars, stolen from people. And the last thing I want to say - while I was at home, in Ukraine, I went to the protestants every day, trying to help as much as I can. And you can not imagine, what kind of people gathered there. You can see poor little grannies pouring Molotov cocktail to the bottles, handicapped, who help to clean the snow, beautiful girls giving hot tea and food to the protestants, men of all professions - from students to top managers of oil companies. All of them help each other, cheer up and take care of each and every one.


Alex Shchukin, pole dancer, on Ukraine - his home country. (via spinninglovestory)

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